For the purpose of my simple RPG project, I am going to use a system I designed a while back called SPARK. For you gamers out there, I am sure you will recognize my inspiration for naming it SPARK right away! 😉

SPARK stands for Strength, Perception, Agility, Reason, and Karma.

Strength is a measure of a character’s physical power and health. It dictates how hard they hit, how much they can carry, and how much physical abuse they can take. I rolled traditional strength and constitution stats together for this one.

Perception is a measure a characters ability to pick out the subtle details around them. It is used for ranged attacking, thieving skills, search checks, and item identification. I sort of split up traditional dexterity and added a bit of Perception from the Wasteland/Fallout series.

Agility is measure of speed and reflexes. It is used to determine how many turns a character gets in combat, what their initiative bonus is, and it is used to determine if a character can dodge certain situations.

Reason is the measure characters intelligence or reasoning ability. It is used to cast spells, make connections in conversations, and it may expand lore when it is received. It is also used to resist illusions.

Karma is a measure of universal credit. If karma is good, a character gets a bonus to every roll. If the karma is bad, the character gets a penalty to every roll.



Archer – The Archer specializes in ranged combat, and can use all types of bows and crossbows. He is proficient in light armor and daggers, although he really prefers to avoid melee combat.

Dungeoneer – The Dungeoneer is what is traditionally thought of as a thief. He relies on perception and agility in combat. He is an essential addition to any party for his ability to locate and remove traps, and to open locked doors and chests silently.

Dwarf – The dwarves are a hardy race, accustomed to the rigors of underground. An essential addition to any party venturing into the earth for the wealth of lore they provide and the stone-sense that only dwarves have. In battle, Dwarves can wield any form of axe or hammer, but can only wear their own custom-armor.

Elf – Elves are an ancient race, full of wisdom and mystery. Elves have a bonus to Strength, Perception, Agility, and Reason, but have an Experience Point penalty and so level slower. Elves have limited access to magic and can use all swords, but are limited to light armor.

Fighter – Fighters are strong. They wield any melee weapon and any armor, have health bonuses, and excel in toe-to-toe combat with just about any enemy out there.

Mage – A Mage may specialize in Offensive magic, Defensive magic, or may accumulate low to mid power spells from each school. Mages are the game’ only source of magical healing, and are the only way to inflict damage on multiple enemies, and so both offensive and defensive casters have a place in the party.

Some other notes:

  • This is going to be a simple game, although I am determined to add tactical combat.
  • I really like the idea of allowing up to 10 members in a party, as it would allow a fair amount of flexibility in setting up y0ur party. I would balance the game for a four-person party, and implement split experience, so the larger your group, the slower everyone levels.

More complex stuff to add later:

  • I am a big admirer of narrative effect thru dialogue, so ideally I want some form of conversation that can be played. Looking into that still…
  • I am considering doing four levels of abstraction, an outside map for travel between towns and adventure zones, a town view that is similar to the outside map that abstracts blocks for huge cities, a map view that most of the game will take place in, and an encounter view for the tactical game play. I dunno tho, it would take a fair amount of media…
  • I don’t really have a plot thought up yet, as I am still forming the framework I am going to wrap the game around, but I have a strong aversion to cliché plots. Ideally I’d like something original that makes the player go “Wow! What a cool story!”

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  1. Well, isn’t that SPECIAL 🙂

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