Class Focus: Fighters


Quick  Brainstorm: Types of Fighters: Barbarian, Knight, Soldier, Pikeman, Light-Fighter, Swordsman, Axeman, Guard, Bandit, Paladin, Ranger, Cavalier, Man at Arms, Warder, Kensei, Samurai, Brawler, Wrestler, Hammerite, Thug, Praetorian….

…That’s all I can think of, and a bunch of them are redundant. Lets narrow it down:

  • Knight – Heavy armor, trained in horseback fighting. Tends to be noble, (by birth not necessarily by behavior,) In battle Knights act as shock troops. They make up for being few in number with sheer ferocity of their charge, and the relative invulnerability of their armor.
  • Soldier – Soldiers are trained with large shields that they use to parry blows, and with polearms that they use to attack enemies at reach length. They excel at holding their ground, giving up some movement to make their attacks and parries more effective. They work best when their flanks are supported by other soldiers.
  • Weapon master – Trained in the use of a particular weapon, they tend to use that weapon exclusively. Weapon masters tend to wear light armor, trusting their reflexes and superior training to see them through a fight. As such, they tend to shy away from mass combat and seek out individual challengers.

If anyone is reading this, any suggestions?


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