SPARK: Magic

Let’s break magic down into some broad categories: Spells/Abilities that help people, Spells/Abilities that hurt people, Spells/Abilities that change the environment, and Spells/Abilities that give information.

Not all of these effects will probably make it into my game, I am just musing on magic and its applications in preparation of making spell casters. I do want to make a game with all of these effects sometime though. The effects would show up in different spells at different potency levels, and combined with other effects to make a decently long spell list. Like I said, however, this is probably too complex for my current project.


Ways that spells or abilities could help people:

  1. reduce wounds (this is basic healing)
  2. increase health (temporarily increasing maximum health)
  3. reduce timer on status effects (reducing effects of things like poison or paralysis)
  4. remove status effects (removing things like poison or paralysis altogether)
  5. boost attributes (SPARK attributes)
  6.  imbue weapon with accuracy (bonus to hit)
  7.  imbue weapon with extra damage
  8.  increase damage resistance (basically boosting armor class, to borrow a D&D term)
  9.  increase magic resistance
  10.  increase elemental resistance



Ways that spells or abilities could hurt people:

  1. Touch spells/abilities (melee attack)
  2. Bolt spells/abilities (ranged attack)
  3. Burst spells/abilities (affects everyone within radius of caster)
  4. Area effect spells/abilities (affects everyone within radius of target)
  5. Conical spells/abilities (affects everyone in area, cannot resist more than half damage without immunity. Think Dragon’s breath.)
  6. Static spells or abilities (effect stays in one place and damages anyone that enters affected area. Cannot resist more than half damage. Think Wall of Fire.)


Types of damage:

  1. Physical damage
  2. Magical damage
  3. Elemental damage (fire, ice, volt, corruption, mind)
  4. add status effect
  5. reduce attributes
  6. reduce weapon accuracy
  7. reduce weapon damage
  8. reduce damage resistance
  9. reduce magical resistance
  10. reduce elemental resistance


Spells/Abilities that change the environment:

  1. Mud traps (slows movement)
  2. Vine traps (halts movement)
  3. block doors (holds doors closed until countered by magic)
  4. unlock doors/chests (unlocks doors or chests without lockpicking. Also counters ‘block doors’)
  5. light (creates light, allowing characters that require it to see)
  6. darkness (shrouds area in darkness, blinding characters that require light to see)
  7. Wind wall (blocks ranged attacks)
  8. Barrier (creates walls)
  9. bless area (penalties to demons, fiends, and undead in area)
  10. curse area (bonuses to demons, fiends, and undead in area)
  11. magic spring (magically provides water)
  12. bear fruit (magically provides food)


Spells/Abilities that give information

  1. Sense magic (marks magic items as such, gives clue to function by displaying the type and alignment of spells cast on an object. Also can be used on map features and spell effects.)
  2. Sense evil (shows caster the location of the ten closest evil creatures)
  3. Sense good (shows the caster the location of the ten closest good characters)
  4. Sense traps (highlights nearby traps, includes doors and chests)
  5. Scry (allows caster to view an area remotely)
  6. Block Scry (blocks attempts to scry. Passive ability)
  7. Identify (reports detailed information on an object)
  8. Divine Lore (more detailed information on objects, including backstory, if item has one. Can also be used on areas.)
  9. Find destination (marks most direct route to specified location for caster)

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