Minecraft: Tour beautiful Mt. Cathedral!

Mt. Cathedral is a natural formation, I just dug a couple entrances and set up shop!

Welcome to Cathedral Mountain

Minecraft is addictive, like crack for my brain. I blame this on the part of my brain that makes me fascinated with Legos. Fortunately in this case, unfortunately in others, I have always had a somewhat short attention span, and I seem to be weaning myself off it.

Last night is the first time since I got the Alpha version of Minecraft that I didn’t play it. I actually got some sleep! Then again, here it is on a Friday night, and I just got finished playing it again, so we will see.

Let my addiction bring you entertainment, internet! I decided to post some pictures from my latest project, a tour of Cathedral Mountain.

Here is a picture of my avatar, and a cobblestone sword.

The view from the top

This one is first-person

Another view from the top of Mt. Cathedral

I started this project this afternoon. I was lucky enough to generate a world with this interesting mountain dominating the center of my island. The mountain has a waterfall coming out about halfway up the slope. I’m not sure why I dubbed it Cathedral Mountain, but I came up with the name right away. The very first thing I did was chop down a tree trunk. Using the wood I built a workshop, and used that to make a wooden pick. With this much exposed rock, it wasn’t long until I stumbled on some coal, and voila, I was set up for my first night.


I had enough time to dig in, build my entrance hall, and install double doors before the first night.
Here is my entrance hall. Notice the double chest in the upper left. There are open blocks above it, hidden by the ceiling. The right tunnel leads to stairs going up, the left leads to stairs going down.

I am quite proud of this hearth, allthough I couldn't build it until I found flint. I got the fire effect by dropping an unworked log into a space surrounded by cobblestones, then lighting it on fire.

This is a zombie spawn room I stumbled upon and then cleared. A good lesson why you should always bring a torch!

My back door. It leads to a ladder that exits to the top of the mountain.

There is a lot more to find. My downward stairs terminate in a large patch of gravel, which covers the entrance to a large cave.  At first it seemed fairly small, but then I ran out of torches and ended up dropping down a hidden hole. I ended up finding a bunch of flowing water and lava down in the darkness, and I am determined to get the whole thing mapped out.

First I am going to find some more iron so I can load up on better tools and armor, and I am going to bring a crap-load of torches and ladders!


Wish me luck, dear internet, there is minecrafting to do!


4 responses to “Minecraft: Tour beautiful Mt. Cathedral!

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Very nice start, bud! Though if I may make a suggestion, bank all but one of every tool of iron you make. That way if you die in lava or kamakazi-Creeper, you will still have great tools safely stored in the chest. (Great idea digging the holes above it to keep it working while visually sealing the room off, nice touch!) Maybe make some leather armor as well? It is no stronger than even the best armor, just has less uses than better quality versions of the same item.

  2. The only problem I have with doing leather armor is that leather is harder for me to come by than iron on this level. The caves below the mountain are FILLED with iron ore, and I have been slowly working my through them, sealing and lighting with torches to gain ground.

    • Encrazed Crafts

      Hmm. Have you dug all the way down to the bottom? I used to mine 100% of the blocks in my way even down there, but it took soooo long I started focusing on the mare minimums and the ore has been flowing in quite nicely and torch consumption is down as I stretch the area they cover quite a bit.

      If you make a set of iron armor (which will last you quite a long while) try to avoid wearing it in areas where you take fall damage commonly. Even falling triggers the armor’s usage, eating up precious amounts of damage reduction 😦 I’m at a point where I don’t wear any at all, and if the pumpkin helmet didn’t mess with my vision I’d wear it all day long.

      Oh, my bad. I totally forgot. If you got a lot of iron and no animals, just put torches down on the ground near your base, bud. Animals spawn in light areas as mobs spawn in dark areas. If you have torches every 5ish or so blocks, even randomly placed, you’ll see chicks, cows, and pigs all night long. Renewable armor resource! Replace torches with ever-burning logs and the dummies even set themselves ablaze, letting you loot them for no work at all.

      Lazy is such a strong word. I prefer to call it “relaxed” 😀

  3. Good Tips EC! Thanks!
    I hadn’t tired making a helmet out of pumpkins, I will have to try that.
    Also, I didn’t know fall damage decreased armor, that actually explains a lot.

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