SPARK: Weapons and Armor

I am thinking about changing my approach to weapons.

Before I have always favored the D&D approach that pretty much every CRPG out there uses. Long sword does this much damage and has this much chance to hit, broadsword does more damage but is harder to hit with, great sword does way more damage, but takes two hands, etc. In this system, weapons and armor are just another kind of item.

There is nothing wrong with this system, but you know what I have noticed? When I look at fantasy fiction (high or low) the characters there pretty much use the one or two types of equipment in a story. This is a device that makes the story more about the character’s abilities and capabilites than the sum of the equipment they carry.

Vorpal? Who needs vorpal?


So why not make weapons and armor part of the character generation process? They become part of each character’s style, and the character relies on increasing skills to increase damage to more powerful foes, not a huge personal arsenal.

Of course, this does not mean a character cannot switch out weapons and armor, but it will basically be more of a stylistic choice and will not make a character more effective without training.


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