TANGENT: Space Pirates!

I am a regular reader of CRPGaddict’s blog. (crpgaddict.blogspot.com) and I recently read his series of posts about Pirates!http://crpgaddict.blogspot.com/2011/01/game-40-pirates.html

It strikes me that this would make a really, really good space game. A couple of different factions who control several dozen worlds. Commodities that are produced on certain planets and are desired on other planets. A simulation mini-game to depict ship combat, another mini game to depict boarding combat. Items to boost your captain’s abilities. Officers who affect your ships abilities.

I could totally see this as a game. I am not going to make it, not now, I am (lack of updates to the contrary) quite deep into my own project at the moment, but I may have to slowly cook this on the back burner for my next project. Maybe in Java? Might be fun!


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