I’m Not Back.


I am not a social person.

This is reflected in my relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues.  I tend to let the silence between visits become frequent and long. It should be, then, no surprise that my blogging has fallen into a similar pattern.

Of course, this could also be because I have not actually worked on my CRPG for a long, long time.

Recently I have gotten back to it. I have revamped several things, and I am thinking about looking at rewriting my graphics engine. The current version is just too slow, and creates too many bugs.

However, I have a tangent coming up. I have a 14 year old nephew who wants to work on a game with me, a 2D Metrovania affair. It would be fast, fun, and a bit zany… the perfect bait for my free time.

So, my CRPG game is on hold for a bit, (who am I fooling, it has been on hold for a while already!) and I am going to work on this other project a bit.

We’ll see how it goes.


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