CRPG addict is finally doing the Pool of Radience!

I love the gold box games, even though I first encountered them long after their popularity waned. I think that the second game in the series, the Curse of the Azure Bonds was probably the best in the series, and my second favorite D&D game. (Troika’s excellent Temple of Elemental Evil holds that honor.)

Best of all, CRPG addict is including a very special party member:

His intelligence belies his name. His face does not.

(image credit and caption go to CRPG Addict)

This is going to ROCK!

Onward to Glory!
Let the people of New Phlan rejoice! Lame Brain has come to save them for reasonable rates!

His fire-based spells and shining sword shall sweep away the scum in the ruins like a broom sweeping away the dust! Behold his glorious golden locks! Behold his heroic visage! Behold his bold chainmail!

He shall defeat the enemies that plauge this fair city! (Other people will probably help. A bit.)


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