So I saw Thor this week. I consider myself a pretty well-rounded geek, but I have never read much Thor, or even really Avengers, so I was not sure what to expect from Marvel’s Thor movie. What I know of Thor comes from these sources:

Adventures in Babysitting Poster

Were we ever this young?


Half-Remembered Highschool World History Classes that touched on Norse Mythology

Mickey Zucker Reichert's excellent Rensai Trilogy

 So from the viewpoint of someone who likes comic book superheroes in concept, but does not follow Thor specifically, I have this viewpoint on the movie: Excellent.

The idea I had of Thor going into the movie was that there was a hammer that when held by someone “worthy” would bestow the traits of the mythological Thor. That is what I half-rememered from the movie “Adventures in Babysitting.”

I was not expecting that Thor was the actual Thor, son of Odin, lives in Asgard… but it worked. The movie brought the characters to life very well, and I found myself wishing for some other characters from Norse Mythology. Where is Baldr? Where is Bragi and Forseti and Freyr? Wasn’t Odin supposed to have two ravens? I think it would have been cool if Marvel delved more into the mythology, or if they did, brought more of it to the movie.

Definiatly planning on seeing Green Lantern, Captain America, and Avengers!


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