I have decided to do NANOWRIMO this year


Yeah, so I decided to write a novel.

What I have discovered about NANOWRIMO.ORG is that they are very cheerful. If you visit my page on their site, you will find me talking about myself in my bio in a very uplifting, “I can do this” sort of way.

I view this blog entry as my own personal, cynical counter-balance to that. In truth if I manage to write 50,000 words, I will be VERY surprised. It will be like that time in my High School writing class where I wrote a hundred page story. I was shocked when I managed to accomplish it, and I had a warm glow of achievement.

Then I started to read it and it was crap, I had stretched my self badly to tell a story that long, and it showed. Then it turned out the assignment was for a 100-word story…. Story of my life!

Anyway, NaNoWriMo and 50,000 words. I am actually off to a good start. It is the first day and I am over 2,000 words already. I feel like I have a good story planned and it seems to be flowing ok so far.

Here is my cover: I modified a stock image to make it, and yes the break in the center is intentional.

Displaying NANOWRIMO_cover.jpg

I promise an update when I reach 5,000 words.


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