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I have decided to do NANOWRIMO this year


Yeah, so I decided to write a novel.

What I have discovered about NANOWRIMO.ORG is that they are very cheerful. If you visit my page on their site, you will find me talking about myself in my bio in a very uplifting, “I can do this” sort of way.

I view this blog entry as my own personal, cynical counter-balance to that. In truth if I manage to write 50,000 words, I will be VERY surprised. It will be like that time in my High School writing class where I wrote a hundred page story. I was shocked when I managed to accomplish it, and I had a warm glow of achievement.

Then I started to read it and it was crap, I had stretched my self badly to tell a story that long, and it showed. Then it turned out the assignment was for a 100-word story…. Story of my life!

Anyway, NaNoWriMo and 50,000 words. I am actually off to a good start. It is the first day and I am over 2,000 words already. I feel like I have a good story planned and it seems to be flowing ok so far.

Here is my cover: I modified a stock image to make it, and yes the break in the center is intentional.

Displaying NANOWRIMO_cover.jpg

I promise an update when I reach 5,000 words.


It has been so long…

It has been so long, it took me nearly 20 minutes to figure out my page URL. I eventually had to search for “WordPress” in my email to find it.

Then I had to figure out what the user name was, and of course I needed a password reset.
Sheesh… I really need to keep this blog up better. All 3 of you that get site updates, you deserve better!

Anyway, had to get that off my chest. News to follow.


So I saw Thor this week. I consider myself a pretty well-rounded geek, but I have never read much Thor, or even really Avengers, so I was not sure what to expect from Marvel’s Thor movie. What I know of Thor comes from these sources:

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CRPG addict is finally doing the Pool of Radience!

I love the gold box games, even though I first encountered them long after their popularity waned. I think that the second game in the series, the Curse of the Azure Bonds was probably the best in the series, and my second favorite D&D game. (Troika’s excellent Temple of Elemental Evil holds that honor.)

Best of all, CRPG addict is including a very special party member:

His intelligence belies his name. His face does not.

(image credit and caption go to CRPG Addict)

This is going to ROCK!

Onward to Glory!
Let the people of New Phlan rejoice! Lame Brain has come to save them for reasonable rates!

His fire-based spells and shining sword shall sweep away the scum in the ruins like a broom sweeping away the dust! Behold his glorious golden locks! Behold his heroic visage! Behold his bold chainmail!

He shall defeat the enemies that plauge this fair city! (Other people will probably help. A bit.)

I’m Not Back.


I am not a social person.

This is reflected in my relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues.  I tend to let the silence between visits become frequent and long. It should be, then, no surprise that my blogging has fallen into a similar pattern.

Of course, this could also be because I have not actually worked on my CRPG for a long, long time.

Recently I have gotten back to it. I have revamped several things, and I am thinking about looking at rewriting my graphics engine. The current version is just too slow, and creates too many bugs.

However, I have a tangent coming up. I have a 14 year old nephew who wants to work on a game with me, a 2D Metrovania affair. It would be fast, fun, and a bit zany… the perfect bait for my free time.

So, my CRPG game is on hold for a bit, (who am I fooling, it has been on hold for a while already!) and I am going to work on this other project a bit.

We’ll see how it goes.

TANGENT: Space Pirates!

I am a regular reader of CRPGaddict’s blog. ( and I recently read his series of posts about Pirates!

It strikes me that this would make a really, really good space game. A couple of different factions who control several dozen worlds. Commodities that are produced on certain planets and are desired on other planets. A simulation mini-game to depict ship combat, another mini game to depict boarding combat. Items to boost your captain’s abilities. Officers who affect your ships abilities.

I could totally see this as a game. I am not going to make it, not now, I am (lack of updates to the contrary) quite deep into my own project at the moment, but I may have to slowly cook this on the back burner for my next project. Maybe in Java? Might be fun!

SPARK: Weapons and Armor

I am thinking about changing my approach to weapons.

Before I have always favored the D&D approach that pretty much every CRPG out there uses. Long sword does this much damage and has this much chance to hit, broadsword does more damage but is harder to hit with, great sword does way more damage, but takes two hands, etc. In this system, weapons and armor are just another kind of item.

There is nothing wrong with this system, but you know what I have noticed? When I look at fantasy fiction (high or low) the characters there pretty much use the one or two types of equipment in a story. This is a device that makes the story more about the character’s abilities and capabilites than the sum of the equipment they carry.

Vorpal? Who needs vorpal?


So why not make weapons and armor part of the character generation process? They become part of each character’s style, and the character relies on increasing skills to increase damage to more powerful foes, not a huge personal arsenal.

Of course, this does not mean a character cannot switch out weapons and armor, but it will basically be more of a stylistic choice and will not make a character more effective without training.